Circolo Culturale Austrosabaudo

Circolo Culturale Austrosabaudo

Circolo Austrosabaudo is chaired by Silvia Agagliati Fozzer, the sole owner.

Born in Turin and resident in Trentino, Silvia loves the concept of hybrid. That is where the Austrosabaudo (Piedmont and Trentino regions) comes from.

Everything was born of passion for food, dating back 25 years ago, and Silvia’s friendship with Mario Dematté, co-founder of Brumalia, with whom Silvia began in 2007, presenting a Piedmont dinner.

Silvia calls herself “artusiana”, which in Trentino dialect refers to artisan, though the reference also refers to the writer-gastronome Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911).

The guiding thread of Silvia’s work are attention and sensitivity to raw ingredients, and this is readily apparent in the local ingredients she uses. Assisted in the kitchen by her friend Renata and her son Carlo Alberto, Silvia’s Circolo boasts today 120 members.


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