Consorzio Turistico della Vigolana

Consorzio Turistico della Vigolana

Tourist body that represents, enhances and promotes the Vigolana plateau (composed of Bosentino, Centa San Nicolò, Vattaro and Vigolo Vattaro). The plateau, enclosed between the massifs of Vigolana and Marzola, is represented by wide meadows and woods and is a natural balcony from which to admire alpine panoramas, valleys and lakes. The Vigolana Tourist Consortium is responsible for enhancing and promoting this territory and its operators: hotels, restaurants, agricultural producers, artisans and the whole world of volunteering that animates the Vigolana. Paper promotion, digital world, social media, fairs, events but above all a daily welcome are an integral part of our work.

Consorzio Turistico della Vigolana

Via San Rocco 4 – Vattaro

38049 Altopiano della Vigolana (TN)

0461 848350 - 


Mon - Sat:  09:00 – 13:00

Sunday closed


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