Autumn in the Dolomites

Val di Fiemme, Fassa and Primiero - October and November


A detox holiday, to live the mountain as a real local!

October and November in Val di Fassa, Val di Fiemme and Primiero

Our valleys and mountains are always beautiful, througout the summer as well in winter. But if you ask a local what is his favorite season... many say Autumn! Crispy days, clear light, autumn woods and its colors...

In our opinion, it is the perfect time to live a realaxing and detoxing holiday, close to nature and to yourself. Of course, it is impossible for us not to mention the culinary fall delicacies you can find in this period: the first cheeses made with summer high pastures milk are ready, fresh apples, chestnut and pumpkins.

Take your time and plan a relaxing holiday; naturally you can't expect a calendar full of events and entertaning as in August, but you can enjoy magnificent landscapes and solo walks, totally in peace.

Here, some suggestions - with holiday ideas too - to combine a detox holiday with gourmet experiences!



San Martino di Castrozza, Primiero, Vanoi and Rolle Pass

Agritur Maso Santa Romina - Zortea (Vanoi) - T. +39 0439 719459
Semplicity and finesse: these are Ms. Mirella's "secret wapons" to surprise you with local and seasonal product. Open Saturday and Sunday, reservation highly recommended.

Agritur Malga Canali - Val Canali - t. +39 320 8326226

Agritur Malga Rolle - Rolle Pass - T. +39 0439 768659
Primiero cheeses made with our milk and rustic cusine, with traditional recipes. Open every weekend until 3rd November for lunch.

Agritur Le Vale - Primiero - T. +39 0439 64722
Home made products and cooking. Always open in October (lunch and dinner), only in the weekends during November.

Chalet Piereni - Val Canali - T. + 39 0439 62791

Malga Civertaghe – San Martino di Castrozza - T. +39 340 8711861
An open air restaurant where to rest after a walk and enjoy a sandwich with local sausage, a selection of cold cuts and cheeses or grilled meat. Always open for lunch.

Ristorante Da Anita / Chalet Prà delle Nasse - San Martino di Castrozza T. +39 0439 768893

A gourmet opion in the center of San Martino di Castrozza Village. Open every weekend till 3rd November, on Saturdays for lunche and dinner, on Sundays only for lunch. Rooms available on B&B treatment.

Ristorante Dismoni - Primiero - T. +39 338 4575803
Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views on the Pale di San Martino moutnains. Open every weekend until 3rd November for lunch.

Osteria Cant del Gal - Val Canali - T. +39 0439 62997
From 20th October to 4th November, in addition to the classic menu, you'll find some dishes with game meat. Always open for lunch and dinner till 3rd November, except on Tuesday.

Val di Fiemme

Maso dello Speck - Daiano - T. +39 0462 342244
Traditional cuisine with speck and meat, own produced. Canederli (bread gnocchi) and barley soup are a must eat. Always open for lunch and dinner, as well as the shop. On Sundays afternoon - till the end of November - you can taste roasted chestnuts and a good glass of wine.

Val di Fassa

Agritur El Mas - Moena - T. +39 0462 574221
Our farm produces cheeses and cold cuts and our cuisine reflects our soul and land, with seasonal dishes and many specials. Furthermore, our stables are always open and kids can meet our animals: horses, cows, calfs, goats, chickens... Always open for lunch and dinner from 1st November, closed on Monday.
Rooms available on B&B treatment. Reservation recommended. 

La Grotta  Vigo di Fassa - T. +39 0462 763368

Malga Peniola - Moena - T. +39 0462 573501




Caseificio di Primiero - Mezzano - T. +39 0439 62941
Open every day, from Monday to Sunday, except for Thursday. In October, open on Sunday morning also (8 - 12:30 am). This is the perfect time to taste and buy the Primiero di malga, a raw milk cheese made with summer milk, coming from high pastures and reach in aroma, flavour and color.

Pasticceria Simion - Fiera di Primiero - T.+39 0439 769012
Strudel and Sacher are the must if you come here for the first time. But you'll find seasonal desserts and cakes. Opern from 26th October every day, with the exception of Tuesday.

Macelleria Fam. Bonelli - Siror / Fiera di Primiero - T. +39 0439 762233 / +39 0439 762049
The shop in Siror village is open everyday (closed on Thursday and Sunday). In Fiera di Primiero, it is always open, closed on Thursday and Sunday afternoon. Taste the new cheese with the dried flowers of the local producer Erborì, but above all the autumn products: sauerkraut with smoked bones and "scorzete" (a traditional pork sausage made also with poor meat parts.

Minimarket Taufer - San Martino di Castrozza
Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Thursday. Cold cuts and meat own produced are not to be missed, we suggest you to taste their sausages, speck and würstel (wiener).

Val di Fiemme

Az. Agr. Barbugli Elio – Capriana - T. +39 328 2616269
Mountain flowers and herbs, special jams and sauces, local saffron. Possibility to visit the farm, reservation required. Always call to buy the products also.

Caseificio Val di Fiemme - Carano - T. +39 0462 340284
Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Thursday. What not to be missed: the new fresh products of "Fresca Fiemme: fresh mountain milk, yogurt, fresh cream and panna cotta, everything produced here with the local milk.

Caseificio Predazzo e Moena - Predazzo - T. +39 0462501287
Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Thursday afternoon. Taste the well known Puzzone di Moena DOP, maybe in the "malga" version (Slow Food Presidia), produced with summer milk from high pastures. Every Thursday morning, you can enjoy a guided visit to the production, with a little tasting of cheeses (reservation required).

Caseificio Val di Fassa - Pera di Fassa - T. +39 0462 764076
Open from Monday to Saturday, but closed on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and Sunday. Here you can taste and buy the Cher de Fascia, always in its "malga" version. On request, guided visits for groups.

Val di Fassa

Masc Aloch Vaca Negra - Pozza di Fassa - T. +39 392 6226345
Here you can find meat and cold cuts from our farm and ready to eat products, such as ragù or goulaschsuppe. Open from November the 3rd, closed on Monday and Tuesday.



Primiero and San Martino di Castrozza

Ski Residence – San Martino di Castrozza - T. +39 0439 68410
Open from 31st October to 3rd November.
Special holiday: Dolomites taste and colors
From € 85 per person for 2 nights on B&B treamtent with entry in SPA and snack with local products in the afternoon. 
For further information:

Art&Music Hotel Isolabella – Transacqua (Primiero) - T. +39 0439 762276
All Saints' Day (10/31 - 11/3)
From € 67 per person for 1 nights on HB treatment
For further information:



Val di Fassa

Agritur Ciasa Do Parè - Soraga - T. +39 0462 768198
Enjoy of this location, in the meadows next the village of Soraga. Here you can stay in one of the apartmenst, all wood furhished, available for the whole week or just for a weekend.
From November the 31st October to the 3rd, the little restaurant here is open and you will taste the farm products with seasonal recipes (open to everyone).

Val di Fiemme

Agritur Maso Pertica
Castello di Fiemme
Sempre aperti, in trattamento B&B di minimo 2 notti con ricca colazione a base di prodotti del nostro maso.
Tutti i sabati di ottobre e novembre, inoltre, potrai partecipare al nostro esclusivo Törggelen, su prenotazione. 

Agritur Piasina
Proprio a fianco alla ciclabile di Fiemme e Fassa, è il luogo ideale per gli amanti delle due ruote ma non solo.
Tra caprette, accoglienti stanze con cosmesi homemade a base di latte di capra e una colazione a km0 vi sembrerà di essere per qualche istante nei panni di Heidi e Peter, con la differenza che qua è tutto vero!
Sempre aperto. 


B&B Canonega Vecia
Fiera di Primiero – Primiero San Martino di Castrozza
Sempre aperti per ferie!
Pernottamento con ricca colazione a base di prodotti locali e homemade, da€40 a €45 per notte a persona
B&B Armonia
Immersi tra i prati, ai margini del bosco, coccolati dall’ospitalità di Manuela vi sembrerà di essere in una favola…invece è tutto vero! Relax, silenzio e emozioni garantite nei pressi di Mezzano, uno dei Borghi più belli d’Italia, assolutamente da visitare.  


Pozza di Fassa, Val di Fassa

Autumn Note: every saturday together with the luxurious spa experience at QC Terme you will taste the best local products, enjoying music and the Dolomiti view.
Every Saturday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm | Included in the daily/evening admission





What do locals do in Autumn, here in the Dolomiti? Let's find out!

"Enjoy a sunset at Calaita Lake, after a ten minutes walk you will be in front of one of the most beautiful view of our mountains, colored by pink because of Enrosadira, really intense in the fall. Then enjoy a strudel pie at Miralago restaurant, with lake and mountains view"
Francesca, Imer (Primiero)

"Take a walk from San Martino di Castrozza till the meadows just over Maso Col. Take your time to sit down and listen to the nature, if you're lucky you will see a deer! Then with a 30min walk you can reach Malga Civertaghe, where to eat a memorable sandwich!"
Dora, San Martino di Castrozza 

"This is the perfect time of the year for sauerkraut with smoked bones and pig sausages, as we do in the past years, when every family had a pig and a garden" 
[you can find this products at Macelleria Bonelli, in Fiera di Primiero or Siror shops]
Tullio, San Martino di Castrozza

"In Autumn, i like having an afternoon snak with chestnus and brulè (hot spiced wine) in a warm stube wood room with friends"
[for example, every Sunday afternoon at Maso dello Speck]
Michele, Tesero (Val di Fiemme)

"Spend a day between forte Dossaccio (a WWI building) and the violin forest in Paneveggio: the peace, the silence, broken only by some wild animal or by the sound of Travignolo creek..."
[take a walk also on the Marciò trail, which begins at Paneveggio Park visitors center]
Beatrice (Val di Fiemme)

"A thing not to be missed in this season, is the Friedrich August trail from Sella Pass to Rifugio Sasso Piatto".
Elisa, Canazei (Val di Fassa)

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