Nogaredo, Madruzzo, Segonzano | 22nd June-27th July-24th August

Nogaredo, Madruzzo, Segonzano, 22nd June-27th July-24th August 2018

Dames and knights for an evening thanks to Castelli diVini aperitifs, enjoyed during an event organised by the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route.
At each appointment, at dusk, you will enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a bygone era, protected by ancient walls that are custodians of centuries of history.
When the sun begins to retreat behind the mountains, waving goodbye to a care-free summer day, the manors will come alive through culinary proposals of absolute excellence, designed for the most demanding and refined palates, and made even more magic under the note of the Nuovo Ensemble of Trento.

#castellidivini #trentinowinefest

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