Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, Primiero, Passo Rolle e S. Martino di Castrozza | Summer 2020


Eco-tasty picnic in the nature of the Dolomites

From June to September | Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, Primiero, Passo Rolle e S. Martino di Castrozza

As a table a meadow of flowers, as a plate a delicious basket with cheeses and local products and as walls the nature of the Dolomites: here is #CHEESENIC, your packed lunch made with local elements and ingredients.

You can find it, waiting for you, in restaurants, huts, alms surrounded by green meadows or you can buy it directly in one of the shops or participating producers in the villages. They are ready for you to take on a hike through woods and paths, looking for the perfect place where you can enjoy it, in total relaxation or in the company of your family.

Our Tips

- In many cases, you will be able to choose the contents from a selection of dishes and take-away proposals, prepared by our chefs. During the course of the summer season, proposals may change, depending seasonal availability and the Chef’s creativity.

- Book it in advance by contacting the structure/shop directly by phone online, choose you own meal and the time of your pick up.

- You will get everything you need in order to have the perfect picnic, including cutlery, napkins, glasses and a convenient container (basket or bag). When you’ll pick it up, you’ll know if containers and dishes have to be returned, in this case a deposit will be required. 

- Good weather is essential for a successful picnic, but do not fret if you see a few raindrops; in the mountains, a few passing rainy clouds are the norm!

- To reach restaurants, huts, alms, farms, where you can collect your basket, take a nice walk or use the mountain bike or e-bike: you will save money and the environment and your health will gain it!

- Inside your #Cheesenic you will receive precious tips on where to enjoy it, or you can consult our "Vademecum of picnic walks", you will surely find the right place for you!

Where to taste it


Agriturismo Maso Corradini
Castello di Fiemme
Tel. +39 0462231010 / Cell. +39 328 3622170

Baita Ciamp Dele Strie
Loc. Campo, Bellamonte
Tel. +39 339 8685080 / +39 339 8229274

Malga Sadole
Loc. Cauriol Ziano di Fiemme
Tel. +39 348 7120227

Rifugio Capanna Passo Valles
Loc. Passo Valles
Tel +39 0437599136 / +39 0437599460  


Active Hotel Olympic
Vigo di Fassa
Tel. +39 0462 764225

Albergo Miralago / Stua de Zach
Loc. Lago delle Pozze - Passo San Pellegrino
Tel. +39 0462 573791

Baita Checco
Loc. Ciampedie - Vigo di Fassa
Tel. +39 335 7021414

Casa del Cucu
Tel. +39 0462 602574 / +39 339 3138779

Ciasa Dò Parè
Tel. +39 0462 768198

L Malgher
Pozza di Fassa
Tel. +39 0462 763688

Ristorante Bistrò Al Lago
Tel. +39 0462 768127


Agritur Broch
Passo Cereda
Tel. +39 0439 65028 / +39 389 0276413

Agritur Dalaip Dei Pape
Loc. Dalaibi
Tel. +39 329 1915445

Agritur Le Vale
Loc. Vale – Transacqua
Tel. +39 0439 64722 / +39 333 4524275

Bar alla Siéga
Loc. Ponte Stél - Vanoi

Birrificio Bionoc
Tel. +39 329 6086570

Bottega La Stua
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 68340

Burger Bistrò 2.0
Fiera di Primiero
Tel. +39 342 5682366

Caseificio di Primiero
Tel. +39 0439 765616

Chalet Piereni
Loc. Piereni - Val Canali
Tel. +39 0439 62791

Chalet Pra delle Nasse Ristorante da Anita
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 768893

Macelleria Famiglia Bonelli
Siror - Tel. +39 0439 762233
Fiera di Primiero – Tel. +39 0439 762049

Malga Canali
Loc. Val Canali
Tel. +39 320 8326226

Malga Civertaghe
Loc. Civertaghe
Tel. +39 3408711861

Malga Juribello
Loc. Juribello - Passo Rolle
Tel. +39 348 8925841

Malga Rolle
Loc. Passo Rolle
Tel. +39 0439 768659 

Minimarket Macelleria Taufer
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 68125

Natur Garni Alpino
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 768881

Rifugio Tognola
Alpe Tognola
Tel. +39 0439 68329

Ristorante Cant del Gal
Val Canali – Tonadico
Tel. +39 043962997

Ristorante Maso Col
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 68046

Ristorante Pizzeria Sass Maor
San Martino di Castrozza
Tel. +39 0439 68340

Soon all the details on how to book your #Cheesenic and what to choose!

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