25th and 31st December 2018


Are you looking for a unique experience to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve time ?


Here our « recipe »…

Ingredients :

  • A special place: surrounded by the Dolomites, you can choose one of our mountain refuge, a cosy chalet in the woods or a homey restaurant in a mountain village…
  • A menu with local products and the classic Italian Christmas recipes
  • The magic of Christmas mood, the music and the tradition of our mountains

Put everything together, add a little bit of joy and enjoy this time with your family, your beloved and friends… Being together is the most important thing, but we can help you to have an unforgettable night!


Here some places we suggest you, you only need to book as early as possible.




Agritur El Mas – Moena, Val di Fassa
A fireplace, wood dining rooms and viewing windows to enjoy the mountain panorama, as well as the stable or the rooms storing the cheeses and meats. Here you can find the Christmas menu (in Italian, just ask the Agritur about the details)




Rifugio Tognola - San Martino di Castrozza
Start the New Year with a stunning view on the Dolomites and a party on the snow. If you book your place online, 10% off booking by 18th November.
Find out the details (in Italian, just ask the Rifugio for more details) 

Rifugio Colverde – San Martino di Castrozza
Good food and good music for a party night, find out more under the events section
During Christmas holidays, you can also enjoy a special dinner, paired with a night skiing on the floodlit slope.
Info and booking: +39 0439 68168 - +39 335 5726558

Baita Ciamp de le Strie – Bellamonte/Lusia, Val di Fiemme
A place coming out of a fairy tale where to spend a magic night! However, how to reach a mountain refuge in the middle of the slopes? …with a snowmobile or a snow cat!
Find out the menu and the programme (in Italian, ask the Baita for more details) 

Baita Checco – Vigo di Fassa, Val di Fassa
Surrounded by the mountains, Trottner family runs this mountain chalet and the chef Matthias will cuddle you with a gourmet experience.
Find out the programme (in Italian, ask the Baita for more details) 


Agritur El Mas – Moena, Val di Fassa
In the meadows surrounding the village of Moena, this cozy agritur (a farm with a restaurant) will make you discover the traditional dishes and recipes of the Dolomites.
Here the menu  (in Italian, just ask the Agritur about the details)




If you prefer to celebrate the Christmas or New Year’s Eve at home, here our suggestions to surprise family and friends with our recipes:

·         Puzzone cheese and buckwheat flour fritters (so good you can’t eat only one) or the bread and cheese cake
·         As first course, a delicious filled pasta such as the “Caronzie de Caran”  (special ravioli) or the Cher de fascia cheese canederli with walnut sauce (bread dumplings)
·         The main course has to be something satisfying and traditional at the same time, like the “Pria de Manz”, a beef stew with semolina balls as side. A veggie alternative could be the “alpine summer pasture on your plate".
·         Moreover, the dessert? You can try to bake a “brazedel” (a sort sweet bread in the shape of a doughnut) or a Christmas zelten cake, both classic of the tradition.


You do not have time to cook?
Here there is the solution to order an excellent take away and have a great dinner:

  • As starter, assemble a cheese platter with a selection of cheeses of our dairies: Caseificio di Primiero, Caseificio Val di Fiemme, Caseificio di Predazzo e Moena, Caseificio Val di Fassa). Try different maturations and kind of milk (goat or cow) and maybe some special cheese with spices or herbs. Pair with a local honey or jam and the starter is served! Another idea could be a fish starter, with our river fishes like the smoked char or the herb and flowers trout made by Macelleria Bonelli.First courses: you can find a very good offer in our delis: Alpengenuss, La Stua (both in San Martino di Castrozza) or 'L Malgher (in Pozza di Fassa). The traditional bread dumplings, the canederli, or the “Cajoncie da fighes”, ravioli stuffed with figs.
  • Roast or cotechino sausage? The most important thing is the quality of the meat. Our butcheries (Bonelli, Taufer, Dagostin) will suggest you the right choice, but if you want something tasty and ready to eat we suggest you the gulaschsuppe or the gulasch (the first one is a meat soup, the second oen is instead a stew) made by the Masch Aloch – Vaca Negra farm in Pozza di Fassa (gluten and lactose free).
  • Even the Alpengenuss deli has many main courses to choose from.
  • Dulcis in fundo, our bakeries has tons of cakes, pies and “panettone” a classic Italian Christmas sweet bread. Some examples? The chocolate Sacher cake of Pasticceria Simion (Fiera di Primiero) or the fig Panettone made by Cose Buone da Paolo (Cavalese). For a Zelten cake, try out the one made by the Malgher in Pozza di Fassa. Are you an ice-cream kind of person? No problem, at Gelateria Il Sorriso (Fiera di Primiero) you will find excellent semifreddo, an Italian ice-cream cake

 …and what to drink?We have plenty of ideas. If you want something original, try to pair your menu with local craft beers of Birrificio Bionoc’ (Primiero) or Birra di Fiemme. For wine lovers at La Mia Enoteca (San Martino) or at the Enoteca Valentini (Canazei), you can find the right bottle. In any case, let the brewers or the sommeliers suggest you the good pairing. Trentodoc sparkling wine then is the must for the New Year’s Eve countdown!

Finally yet importantly, choose a good grappa, the local schnapps made with our grape marc (look for Grappa del Trentino at our #GrappaTrentinoLovers bars) and in some cases flavoured with herbs, roots and fruits, such as the L’Ones schnapps.


 …and if you are just looking for a good place where to eat and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, just pick a restaurant from our “where to eat” menu. Just remember, book your table in advance with a phone call!

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