26th January - 30th March | Val di Fiemme - Val di Fassa - S. Martino di Castrozza and Passo Rolle

Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa e San Martino di Castrozza
26th January – 30th March 2019

Have an “aperitivo” in the Dolomites!
Take Trentino mountain cheeses, pair them to Trentodoc mountain bubbles, Trentino wines or the distinctive local artisan beer and add Trentino apples. Add snow, ski slopes, candid atmosphere of the mountains and, above all, the magic scenery of the Dolomites, on three occasions even at sunset, with the immense spectacle of Enrosadira. Result? Fun and delicious aperitifs that make tickle your taste buds and are trendy indeed ... in a word, HAPPYCHEESE!
26th January
5 p.m. – Piaz de Sotegrava
Trentino wines and local products, party and show cooking waiting for Marcialonga
30th January
San Martino di Castrozza
11 a.m. – Rifugio Tognola
HappyCheese Sound Ski&Taste
Primiero Cheese & Birra Bionoc’
6 p.m. - La Mia Enoteca
Primiero Cheese & Vallorom wine
7.30 p.m. – Pizzeria Ristorante Sass Maor
HappyCheese Pizza & Birra Bionoc’
8th February
Bellamonte Lusia
From 6.30 p.m. – Baita Ciamp dele Strie
HappyCheese for Family
Special “aperitivo” with Fiemme cheese and Mezzacorona wine and Rotari Trentodoc, kids games and activities and snowmobile transport. Reservation required , +39 339 8685080
9th February
San Martino di Castrozza
4.30 p.m. – Rifugio Colverde
Primiero cheese with Cantina Aldeno wine, torchlight ski and Ski Show. Reservation required, +39 389 4885911
14th February
San Martino di Castrozza
5 p.m. – Rifugio Tognola
HappyCheese in Love with Primiero cheese, Cavit wine and Altemasi Trentodoc. Reservation required
+39 389 4885911

27th February
11 a.m. - Rifugio Paion
Fiemme cheese & craft beer
5 p.m. - Caseificio Sociale Val di Fiemme
HappyCheese for Family
Guided tour and “aperitivo” for family. Reservation required , +39 0462 241111
28th February
Passo Rolle
HappyCheese for Family
11 a.m. - Cimon Stube
Puzzone di Moena DOP & Birra di Fiemme
10 a.m. - Exhibition with avalanche rescue dogs, reservation required, +39 0439 768867
5.30 p.m. - La Stube Ristorante Birreria
Primiero cheese & Villa Corniole wine
4th March
Pera di Fassa
5 p.m. - Caseificio Sociale Val di Fassa
HappyCheese for Family
Guided tour for family and aperitivo with Mezzacorona wine and Rotari Trentodoc. Special surprise for those whose present themselves in mask. Reservation required, +39 0462 764076
5th March
San Martino di Castrozza
Dalle 16.30 – in centro
Trentino appetizers and ski instructor party with bonfire
6th March
Canazei, Sass Pordoi
4.30 p.m. – Rifugio Maria
Fassa cheese and flavours with Rotari Trentodoc at 2.950 meters. Reservation required
+39 0462 609600 | 0462 608853
8th March
Passo Valles
11 a.m. - Rifugio Passo Valles
Fiemme Cheese & Endrizzi wine with show cooking
9th March
Bellamonte Lusia
11 a.m. – Baita Ciamp dele Strie
HappyCheese Sound “DolomitiskiJazz”
Fiemme cheese & Villa Corniole wine
6 p.m.– Wine bar Hotel Ancora, Predazzo
Fiemme cheese & Cesarini Sforza Trentodoc
13th March
San Martino di Castrozza
11 a.m. – Rifugio Tognola
Formaggi di Primiero e Birra Bionoc’ Primiero cheese & Birra Bionoc’
6 p.m.– La Mia Enoteca
Primiero Cheese & Villa Corniole wine
7.30 p.m. – Pizzeria Ristorante Sass Maor
HappyCheese Pizza & Concilio wine
15th March
Predazzo, Latemar
11 a.m. – Baita Passo Feudo
HappyCheese Sound “DolomitiskiJazz”
Puzzone di Moena DOP & Altemasi Trentodoc
22nd March
6 p.m. – Enoteca Valentini Canazei
Fassa cheese & Dorigati wine
23rd March
Passo San Pellegrino
11 a.m. – Baita Paradiso
HappyCheese Sound “Val di Fassa Panorama Music”
Puzzone di Moena DOP & Pedrotti Trentodoc
from 23rd to 30th March
Vigo di Fassa
7 p.m. – Pizzeria Ristorante La Grotta
Happycheese Pizza & Birra di Fiemme
Pozza di Fassa
7 p.m.– Pizzeria Ristorante Le Giare
HappyCheese Pizza & Birra Bionoc’
30th March
Vigo di Fassa, Ciampedie
11 a.m. – Baita Checco
HappyCheese Sound “Val di Fassa Panorama Music”
Fassa cheese & Endrizzi wine
Pozza di Fassa
6.30 p.m. – QC Terme Dolomiti
HappyCheese Sound AperiTerme
Fassa cheese and flavours & Ferrari Trentodoc. “Aperitivo” included in the Spa ticket



Aperitivo with cheeses and Trentodoc sparkling wine or Trentino local wines, from € 5

Aperitivo with cheeses and craft beer, from € 5

HappyCheese Pizza with wine/craft beer, from € 15

HappyCheese Taste the Sunset, from € 15

Special prices for kids aperitivo (look for HappyCheese for Family in the programme), from € 3

Did the flavours of HappyCheese make your jaw drop? Do you want to share them with friends and relatives once you return home? Or do you simply want to enjoy them one more time?All participants in HappyCheese will receive a Shopping Card which offers a special discount * for the purchase of Trentino products at participating stores and producers. * One-time discount at each participating facility, from 26th January to 30th March 2019. In order to enjoy the discount, you need to show your shopping card.

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