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From the extra virgin olive oil of the Garda area to the mountain potatoes of Val di Gresta, the typical sausages once produced out of the necessity of farmers and now elevated to Slow Food presidiums, and the extraordinary alpine pasture cheeses and the refined Trentodoc-based aperitifs enjoyed in the city. A 360-degree tour to discover the excellence of Trentino, each the offspring of the particular area overseeing its birth. Because every valley has its own story to tell.



Our tour to the discovery of the most characteristic tastes of Trentino begins in the upper Garda area, which enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate: here, you will find the renowned DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, which received it DOP designation by the European Union, the tasty Torbole broccoli, which has today attained Slow Food status, the delicious Dro plum, newly enhanced by DOP designation, and the famous carne salada, an eighteenth-century tradition consisting in wrapping meat in salt and spices to ensure its preservation in the cold winter months.

We start with a guided tour of the Arco olive grove, to the discovery of virtues and features that describe the Garda oil, and then reach the historic castle from which to enjoy a panoramic view of the upper part of the lake. Next up is a stop at the olive mill to learn a bit more about olive pressing and processing techniques, followed by a brief tasting session. Lunch is based on typical local products combined with a short visit to a winery.

We will spend the afternoon in the hinterland, along the ridge created by Val di Ledro, until reaching Valle del Chiese. An area abounding with lakes, as well as streams of fresh and oxygen richwaters, which allows farming trout and chars, but which is mainly known for the production of the famous Storo yellow flour, obtained from a home-grown red-grain corn, appropriately dried and processed. After a stop in the trout-farming world, we will visit the Rio Caino Ethnographic Road, to the discovery of peasant culture and ancient crafts, learning about the story of these places. Dinner and overnight stay in a valley accommodation facility

· A visit to an olive mill

· A guided tour of the Arco olive grove, climb to the castle and panoramic view over Garda

· Lunch in a typical restaurant 
· A visit to a winery

· A visit to a trout farm

· Rio Caino Ethnographic  Trail

· Dinner and overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



The itinerary heads north and makes a stop at San Lorenzo in Banale where, among the productions of excellence in this area, we find the singular Ciuìga, an aromatic sausage prepared only during autumnby mixing pork and cooked chopped turnips, and which has long been a Slow Food presidium.

Returning to Tione and continuing in the direction of Madonna di Campiglio, we cross the full length of Val Rendena, surrounded by a typically Alpine landscape of green forests and fascinating mountains.

We plan to stop in one of the points of sale along the way, to meet a local producer and taste a selection of the best sausages, including lucanica, garlic sausage, Trentino speck and local cacciatore salami. After a visit to a dairy factory, we continue to a milk processing facility to discover the “path” milk travels from milking to processing, and to learn about the distinctive “Razza Rendena”, a native milk cattle used for the production of the local Spressa delle Giudicarie cheese. Lunch will be in an agritur facility.

In the afternoon, we will head to Madonna di Campiglio, to immerse ourselves in the splendid scenery of the Brenta Dolomites with a naturalistic hike, either on foot or on horseback, until we reach one of the many mountain dairies overlooking the Dolomite mountains. The day ends with an aperitif at sunset, accompanied by the elegance of mountain bubbles combined with tasty mountain-pasture cheeses. Return to our hotel for dinner and the rest of the night. 

· A visit to the point of sale of a salami factory with cold meat tasting

· A visit to a farm to learn about the milk-to-cheese journey

· Lunch in a farmhouse inn

· An alpine hike to a mountain dairy overlooking the Dolomites

· Aperitif at sunset

· Dinner and overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



After a cool awakening in the mountains, the tour continues northward, to Val di Sole, to then descend south along the central trajectory ideally traced by the Adige River. The morning begins with a stop in San Michele all'Adige, in Piana Rotaliana, for a visit to the Museum of Customs and Traditions of the People of Trentino, the largest Italian regional museum devoted to folk traditions, including agriculture, crafts, religiosity, music and folklore. Next, we visit a local artisan brewery and dine in an outdoor trattoria overlooking the valley terraces.

In the afternoon, we set out to discover one of the area specialties:  the traditional Zambana asparagus, a white variety which owes its distinctive features to soil and climate, as well as particular cultivation techniques. Produced today under the De.Co. (Denominazione Comunale, Municipal Designation) label, it was the first white asparagus included among the Slow Food Ark of Taste products.

At the end, we transfer to Valsugana to end the day with a visit to a small family farm specializing in the cultivation of wild berries: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries. The itinerary continues to the discovery of woods along the mountain ridge overlooking Lake CaldonazzoDinner with typical local products and overnight stay in a B&B.  

· A visit to the Museum of Customs and Traditions of the People of Trentino

· A visit to an artisanal brewery

· Lunch in a typical restaurant

· A visit to an asparagus farm

· A visit to a berry farm 

· Dinner in a typical restaurant

· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



A day out among the green valleys of Valsugana, discovering one of the most unspoiled areas of Trentino, the symbol par excellence of mountain life. The morning begins with an excursion through woods, to progressively ascend to one of the many mountain dairies of the Lagorai chain. The mountain dairies’ doors are open during the summer months thanks to the stable presence of shepherds and pasture animals. Lunch based on typical products with salami, sausages and dairy specialties, including the original Lagorai cheese, accompanied by the suggestive narrations of those who decided to live a bygone life.

Back in the valley, we continue the itinerary in the valley hinterland, discovering one of the natural jewels that distinguishes this area: the Arte Sella Open-air Museum. A narrative deviation that tells the relationship between human beings and territory according to an artistic-cultural perspective expressed through true natural works. An intense day that ends with dinner in a typical valley inn: à la carte dishes include various combinations of the Spin di Caldonazzo corn, picked and processed according to traditional method into the famous Valsugana yellow flour.

· Walk around the Lagorai mountain range

· Lunch in an farmhouse inn

· Visit to the Arte Sella Museum

· Dinner in a typical restaurant

· Overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



The day begins in the direction of Trento, the well-known city of the Council, with an itinerary through the city's historical and artistic symbols: from the Castle of Buonconsiglio to Piazza Duomo, to the innovative MUSE, the Museum of Natural Sciences designed by Renzo Piano. After completing the tour, we enjoy a unique aperitif in “pure Trentino style” in the prestigious rooms of Palazzo Roccabruna, the provincial Trentino wine house. Next up, lunch in the charming scenery of the surrounding hill with original local dishes paired with an intriguing selection of brut, rosé and reserve spumanti.

In the afternoon, we cannot miss a visit to a distillery to taste the famous Trentino grappa, and then head south and climb up the panoramic road that leads to the highlands of the Alpe Cimbra, land of the traditional Vezzena cheese, today listed in the Slow Food roster in the version produced with mountain pasture milk. Among the typical productions of the area, is precious honey, whose story is showcased in a museum dedicated to the discovery of the enchanting bee world, through a fascinating itinerary made of small and big secrets disclosing the everyday activity of these indefatigable insects. For dinner, a careful selection of dishes bringing to life a harmonious combination of select raw ingredients selected among local and Slow Food presidia, enjoyed in the cosy Vallagarina scenario. Overnight stay in a charming B&B.

· A visit to the city of Trento

· A guided tasting tour

· Lunch in a typical restaurant

· A visit to a distillery

· A visit to a cooperative dairy factory

· A visit to the Honey Museum

· Dinner and overnight stay in an accommodation facility with breakfast included.



Our last day is dedicated to the discovery of food and wine excellence and begins in one of the most remote corners of the territory, the charming Val di Gresta: an area entirely dedicated to agriculture, called the organic garden of Trentino, because, thanks to its favourable position and unique soil, it yields high quality produce according to integrated and organic production methods. Precious vegetables, including mountain potatoes, carrots, cabbage, radicchio, zucchini and the characteristic celeriac, are the absolute protagonists of this area. The valley tour includes a guided tour of the cultivated fields, to deepen the knowledge of the riches of these areas, up to the suggestive south-facing terraces that offer an unprecedented panoramic view of Lake Garda. We end with a rich lunch based on fresh vegetables, revisited and prepared in accordance with precious traditional recipes.  

· Val di Gresta - a walk through cultivated fields

· Lunch in a typical restaurant




Participation fee:
Starting at € 550,00 

Possibility to book a private minibus on request. 
Lunches and dinners will always take place in structures associated with the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route. 

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