Discovering the magic world of apples!

Duration: 1 day
Period: from April to October
Locations involved: Val di Non
Target: All, especially children/schools


A day to discover all the secrets of apples!

Our day starts at Mondomelinda, the official visitor center of the Melinda Consortium, taking part to a guided tour* of the apples processing rooms, to learn about the journey of the apple: after the autunmn harvest, they are sorted by variety, size, color, and then they are packaged and put on the market, so that we can all buy them at the grocery!

* the fee visit lasts about 1 hour and 30 and must be booked in advance by contacting Mondomelinda

At the end of the visit, you cannot miss a walk through Mondomelinda shop, where you can purchase apples, juices, grappas and all the processed apple and other local products.

Don't miss the free visit to the Golden Theatre, a cubic and futuristic structure located outside MondoMelinda. By entering in small groups it is possible to take a virtual and immersive journey inside the underground cells, tunnels dug into the rock of the Dolomites, where apples are naturally preserved, as in a gigantic sustainable refrigerator! 

We continue our immersion in the world of apple and move to the nearby town of Tres di Predaia, where we can visit La Sidreria of LM, the only company in Trentino producing apple cider. From apples the company produces innumerable other processed products, such as juice, vinegar and even beer! It is now time for lunch, so we stop here, at the Sidreria restaurant, where we can taste the company's products in combination with traditional local dishes!

Let's start the afternoon by immersing ourselves in the world of apples of the past! We move to Cles, to the locality of Bersaglio, towards Monte Peller. Here we visit the Historical Orchard of Cles, where almost 100 varieties of apples and pears grow ...Napoleon, Boskoop, Bella di Bosco are just some of the varieties grown here, the same ones that once grew in the valley and that still our grandparents remember. The orchard can be visited in complete autonomy, but if you want to book a guided tour (for a fee) you must contact the Val di Non Tourist Board (0463 830133 -

Our afternoon continues in a more playful way in Romallo di Novella, with a nice walk through AlMeleto, an educational path that develops between apple orchards and woods a.Through interactive games, descriptive boards and riddles it makes us discover anecdotes and curiosities about the world of apple. The route is perfect for families with children, you can choose the complete tour lasting 3 hours, or the short one lasting an hour and a half. You can visit AlMeleto by your own, or book a guided tour, contacting the office of Parco Fluviale Novella.



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