Flowers and essences. A scented day in Val di Non

Duration: 1 day
Period: summer
Locations involved: Brez and Cles
Target: All


A day to discover medicinal plants, to immerse yourself in a world of colours, scents and perfumes.

Our day starts from Brez di Novella, and we are immediately curious to find out what secrets are hiding in the Giardino della Biodiversità (Garden of Biodiversity). We then head up along a narrow street that from the hamlet of Arsio leads to Maso Plaz, and here we are immediately enchanted by the beauty of what opens up before our eyes, a beautiful plateau overlooking the entire Val di Non and the Brenta Dolomites. The owners immediately welcome us with their enthusiasm and accompany us to the discovery of this fantastic garden-orchard full of plants and flowers of all kinds. Before beginning our journey, we stock up with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and even some seedling to take home; we will see if they grow!

We continue our journey to the discovery of new things, taking the road from Brez to Lauregno and soon thereafter, we come across  L’Essenza nel Bosco (The Essence in the Woods), the botanical garden where the plants that Mary transforms into delicious infusions and special ointments are grown. The place is truly magnificent;  we dive into a rainbow of colours and rediscover the scents of nature! Even our children seem to rediscover and appreciate the pleasure of playing in nature, surrounded by a beautiful lawn and woods.

After this full immersion in the smells and scents of nature, we get a bit hungry! That is why we head to the Locanda Alpina, in the small square of Brez, where Chef Silvana delights us with a menu that celebrates the territory, with an original touch that makes us want to stay forever!

During lunch, we taste the ruby red, intensely scented Groppello Wine, an autochthonous Val di Non wine. We decide to buy some bottles and for this reason, along the road leading to Cles, in the lands overlooking Lake Santa Giustina, we take the opportunity to visit some wine cellars, like Valerio Rizzi in Cloz, Lasterosse in Romallo, Maso Sperdossi or El Zeremia in Revò.

At Cles we visit I profumi della Natura, another company specialising in the cultivation of medicinal plants. In beautiful location Bersaglio di Cles, we meet Pietro, which leads us to the discovery of the world of medicinal plants, apiculture and nature in all its many faucets.

We end our day by taking a small and sweet break at Pasticceria Ramus, and buying some products at Bar Caffè Lanterna Magica, where we always find local products and where we can enjoy a special Italianaperitivo!

For dinner, we choose to return to the historic centre of Cles, where we can choose from the typical dishes offered by Osteria PalazanRistorante Pizzeria Giardino, or Ristorante Pizzeria Flamingo, in any case a great end of our fragrant day!


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