From Maddalene to the San Romedio Sanctuary

Duration: 1 day
Period: Spring-Summer-Autumn
Locations involved: Rumo, Livo, Cagnò, Sanzeno
Target: All


A journey into taste from Maddalene to the San Romedio Sanctuary

The stages

Our day begins in Rumo, a beautiful village that lies between the Maddalene mountain range. In Mocenigo di Rumo, we visit the Caseificio Sociale dairy, where many cheeses are produced, from the well-known Trentingrana to caciotte, from nostrano to ricotta. At the end of our visit, we travel just a few kilometres down the road to the village of Livo; here, we meet the family of the Savinelli Farm, producer of vegetables and fruits of all kinds, tasty strawberries and succulent raspberries, such goodness! After purchasing cheese, we cannot forget jams, and, in Livo, we pay a visit to the Il Sogno Farm, where Patrizia will be able to recommend an excellent jam for our pairing.

It is almost lunch time and, therefore, we stop at Ristorante Viridis, in the nearby village of Cagnò. Apart from the delicious dishes, here, we are enchanted by the beautiful view of Lake Santa Giustina, which, from up here, gives us the impression of dominating the entire valley.

Once we regain our strength, we head to Sanzeno, and along a fascinating road dug through red rock canyons, we come across the Eremo di San Biagio farm, which also includes a little charming church that deserves a visit. The most adventurous amongst us, this is starting point of guided tours to Canyon della Novella; if you do not want to miss this spectacle, we recommend that you book the tour, because it is truly worth it!

Once we reach Sanzeno, we continue by car for a few kilometres until reaching the majestic Sanctuary of San Romedio, one of the most distinctive hermitages bearing witness to Christian faith of Europe. It is impossible to not be fascinated by this place where time seems 

After the visit, we go to the nearby hamlet of Casez, best known for the Pomaria event, the end-of-harvest celebration that takes place every year in the second weekend in October. At Casez, we find Ristorante Pizzeria Fior di Melo where we can choose from countless offers to end our day.



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