Journey through Val di Sole, from the orchards to the pastures of Val di Rabbi

Duration: 2 days
Period: Spring-Summer-Autumn
Locations involved: Lower Val di Sole, Val di Rabbi
Target: All


Two days to discover the lower Val di Sole and the nearby Val di Rabbi

We start our day in Terzolas with a visit to the Cercen Dairy, if we go early in the morning we can witness the “casarada”,  the transformation of milk into cheese, which is done every morning here at the dairy! Surrounded by the scent of curd, we have to buy some pieces of vacuum-packed cheese at the store.

We then move to the industrial area of Malè, the so-called Innovation Center, where we immerse ourselves in the magical world of wood and its forms: we visit the educational museum Fattore Legno, where we can see craftsmen at work, discovering the sectets of wood, from the tree to the finished product.

Nearby, we cannot miss a stop at Gustonatura, a company that transforms fruit and vegetables into excellent juices, jams and other organic products.

It is now lunchtime and, simply crossing the thunderous Noce river, we find ourselves in the woods, in the so-called Regazzini area, where we can sit on the comfortable terrace of the Osteria del Bosco, to taste the traditional Trentino dishes expertly presented by Mrs. Graziella. For the little ones (and not only) this is the ideal place to have fun on acrobatic air routes suspended among the trees of the nearby Flying Park!

We move to the nearby town of Croviana, also reachable through the comfortable cycle path that runs alongside the river. Just along the cycle path we run into an ancient mill surrounded by flowery meadows: it is MMape – Mulino Museo dell’Ape (Bee Museum Mill), where we can experience a fascinating sensorial journey discovering the world of bees!

It's time for tasty shopping! We move to town and enter the "Bottega del Pinelo", the historic Anselmi butcher's in Croviana, where we can taste and buy some fragrant slice of coppa or speck.

We then move to the historic center of Malè and can enjoy some sweetness at the Pasticceria Café Roma, where Gianluca invites us to taste one of his specialties: apple fritters! After visiting the Museo della Civiltà Solandra of Malè, we decide to reach the Maso Fior di Bosco in San Bernardo di Rabbi; we will spend our night here!

Rested and refreshed, we reach the nearby hamlet of Pracorno and Agritur Ruatti; here, a delicious and rich dinner ends our day in the best of ways!

We get up early and after an abundant breakfast we head to Rabbi Fonti, where we leave our car to reach the Malga Monte Sole with a hike of about 3 hours (alternatively in summer it is possible reach the Malga with a shuttle bus service). Located in Val Cércen (a small side valley to the famous Val di Rabbi), the hut, completely renovated in 2015, offers a delicious restaurant service: therefore it is possible to have lunch on a large sunny balcony from which you can admire a unique panorama of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

We move down along Val di Sole and stop in Caldes to visit the ancient castle, often hosting art exhibitions. We then continue to Tozzaga, one of the hamlets of Caldes, and visit the Pedergnana Ettore farm. Here we can buy other excellent craft cured meats, from lucanica to speck.

Quale modo migliore di concludere il nostro tour in Val di Sole se non con un’ottima cena dai sapori rustici e autentici? Nicoletta dell’Agritur Solasna ci aspetta a San Giacomo di Caldes con il suo sorriso e la sua genuinità, preparandoci golosi piatti della tradizione utilizzando ingredienti di sua produzione, come le uova del pollaio, i cavoli e le patate dell’orto, le conserve e le confetture!


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