Taste trails: from lake to lake


Location: Adige Valley, Lake Valley, Garda Trentino, Ledro Valley
Duration: 9 days
Total lenght: 112 km
Recommended period: spring and autumn

From north to south, along Santa Massenza lake and Toblino lake, from Cavedine lake to Garda lake, finally ending with Ledro lake and Ampola lake… a 9-days tour, that allow you to discover new landscapes of Trentino, but above all its food and wine excellences: from grappa to Vino Santo, from fish products to Drena chestnuts, from Garda Trentino DOP extra virgin olive oil to liqueurs.

The products you simply can’t miss out on along the way:
Nosiola and Vino Santo, Trentino grappa and liqueurs, but also fish products, Drena chestnuts, without forgetting the Garda Trentino DOP extra virgin olive oil.


Click here to find out the route and download the GPS map

First Leg: Trento – Monte Terlago/Vallena di Vallelaghi
17 km

Are you ready to go from lake to lake along the Trentino Wine and Flavours Route?
Today the trip will start from the beautiful city of Trento to Lake Valley, along  a path that partly coincides with the famous “San Vili route”: you will meet along this path that smells of history, even the Lamar lakes

Taste stop 1:
Before leaving, we recommend you a good breakfast at Bar Pasi, il Panificio Moderno o Locanda le due travi , where you could buy also a lunch to enjoy along the way.

Second Leg: Monte Terlago/Vallena di Vallelaghi – Santa Massenza di Vallelaghi
8 km

Today the romantic Lake Valley awaits you. Descending from Monte Terlago you will arrive at a one of the most famous lake of Trentino: Santa Massenza lake and the "twin" Toblino lake.
Here you can walk through the streets of the small village, characterized by the production of grappa. You can also visit the farms specializing in the production of this Trentino distillate, but also of the Lake Valley yellow gold: Vino Santo.

Taste stop 1:
Do you want to have a good Trentino picnic along the path? Stop in Covelo di Vallelaghi, at the ancient Osteria Cà dei Giosi to collect your lunch (please remember, reservation required at least the day before the visit)

Taste stop 2:
Don’t miss a stop in the winery and/or distillery in Santa Massenza! In this small village, characterized by the presence of numerous distilleries and wineries, variouse realities await you: Azienda Agricola Francesco PoliAzienda Agricola Giovanni PoliAzienda Agricola Distilleria CasimiroMaxentia

Third Leg: Santa Massenza di Vallelaghi – Pergolese di Madruzzo
12 km

The path from lake to lake goes on and today you will go to discovery Toblino lake, a magical “postcard” of the area.
You will continue among the vineyards of Nosiola, a native white grape variety. Here you could admire the imposing mountains, that embrace the valley.

Taste stop 1:
Alon the way, you can stop at the Azienda Agricola Salvetta or at the Cantina di Toblino and taste its wine, paired with the modern 100% Trentino dishes of the Hosteria Toblino.

Taste stop 2:
End your day by toasting with a glass of Trentinodoc from Distilleria Pisoni  n Pergolese.




Fourth Leg: Pergolese di Madruzzo – Drena
10 km

Are you ready to discover the varied landscapes of Trentino? In fact, in this fourth leg, you will walk among the vineyards, alongside the Sarca river, you will cross the lunar territory of the Marocche also characterized by dinosaur footprints. You will be able to take a look at Lake Cavedine and then head towards the village of Drena, known for its castle but also its very good chestnuts.

Taste stop 1:
In Pietramurata you can visit the Gino Pedrotti Farm characterized by product of organic wine.

Taste stop 2:
In the village of Drena, don’t forgeto to buy the cold cuts and cheeses of La Quadra farm excellent to eat during the journey; visit Apicoltura Valle di Cavedine to discover the world of flowers and bees.

To end the day in the best possible way, we recommed you to dine in the splendid setting of the  restaurant La Casina.





Fifth Leg: Drena-Dro
13 km

After a visit to the Drena Castle, descend towards Dro along the Cammino dei ricci and admire the panorama from above, characterized by the Sarca Valley.

Taste stop 1:
To end the day in the best possible way, we recommend having dinner at the Alfio restaurant in Dro.

Sixth Leg: Dro – Linfano di Arco
18 km

Today the tour takes you to Garda Trentino area, starting from the village of Dro you will reach Garda lake. In Arco you will begin to get to know the products that characterize the “Mediterranean area” of Trentino, starting with extra virgin olive oil. To get to Linfano, we suggest you to get to linfano, we suggest you follow an extremely scenic route that will take you to Nago and then descend to Torbole, through very fascinating roads and streets.

Taste stop 1:

Your day will end in full taste! In Linfano you can dine and discover the Madonna delle Vittorie farm and farmhouse, which deals with the production of DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, but also wines and Trentodoc.



Seventh Leg: Linfano di Arco – Riva del Garda
10 km

A day on the beautiful Lake Garda awaits you! Along the lake you can stop to admire the lake panorama, taste local products and discover the historical and cultural beauties of the place walking through the streets of the historic center of Riva del Garda.


Taste stop 1:
Also in Riva del Garda you can visit two important oil mills, OlioCru and Agraria Riva del Garda. In the latter you can also taste wines and Trentodocs, paired with Carne Salada De.Co. and cured meats from Macelleria Bertoldi.
You can taste the local specialties at the Villetta Annessa Restaurant and L’Ora Ristorante.





Eighth Leg: Riva del Garda – Bezzecca di Ledro
16 km

Today's destination is the scenic Ponale Path, which will lead you through the woods of Val di Ledro up to Molina di Ledro: here you can discover the interesting Palafitte Museum, located right on Lake Ledro.
After a stop to rest for a while and admire the view, the tour goes on along the lake until it reaches Bezzecca di Ledro.

Taste stop 1:
In Pieve di Ledro you can visit the Museo Foletto Museum, tasting the its liqueurs and products.
In Bezzecca di Ledro don't forget to taste Carne Salada De.Co. of Macelleria Massimo Cis and the specialties of the restaurant Maggiorina.




Nineth Leg: Bezzecca di Ledro – Lago d’Ampola

The last day of walking has arrived, the last splendid lake is waiting for you!
Along the cycle path of the Ledro Valley, walking among green mountains, you will arrive at a natural oasis: Lake Ampola.
To reach Trento by public transport, you will have to return to Tiarno di Sotto.

Taste stop 1:
In Tiarno di Sotto, we recommend a stop for a sweet and/or savory break at Bar La Chicchera and return to Scrigno dei Sapori di Ribaga, where you can buy delicious food and wine souvenirs.

Tip for your journey

- We recommend you book all your meals and overnight stays before departure.

- If you’re looking for a complete holiday package, don’t hesitate to contact us:
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If you’d like to complete the Wine Tour 50 in the company of a Mountain Leader who will tell you all you need to know about the places and people you meet along the way, contact Albatros and check their availability.

Getting back

Point of departure and arrival coincide along this Taste Trail. We can reach the starting point in Mezzocorona using public transport with local bus connections (trentinotrasporti.it) and leaving from Tiarno di Sopra

Where to sleep

For accommodation or dining experiences you can contact the local tourist office.

It is however always advisable to check availability and book accommodation in advance, especially in summer.

Safety recommendations

Before setting out, remember to check both the weather forecast and the trail’s conditions by contacting any of the tourist offices of the tourist board (APT).

If you’re taking off during the winter months, make sure you also check for snow and other environmental conditions.


Trekking is fun but also challenging. We recommend you only take the bare necessities with you but don’t forget to bring proper hiking footwear and trekking poles. Ideally, your backpack should not weigh more than 6kg.


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