The Advent Calendar

The sweet recipes of Trentino

The Advent Calendar

The sweet recipes of Trentino

The sweetest Advent this year arrives from Trentino!

An always magical countdown that, now more than ever, needs to be sweetened. So here are 24 recipes to keep you company and to bring into your households the products, the fragrances and that special atmosphere typical of Trentino.

A way of making quality time while you wait for Christmas, of sharing special moments with your family by joining hands full of flour, making chocolate moustaches that smile while small fingers can’t resist the temptation of dipping into fragrant mixtures.

Recipes to be prepared together, thanks to the indications and tips from the bakers, pastry chefs and artisans of taste of the three Roads of Wine and Flavours of Trentino, revealing the secrets of glorious desserts such as zelten, apple fritters and brazedel or of new and inviting recipes developed from ancient ones with much passion.

Enjoy the ingredients that bring the fragrance of Christmas, such as cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, star anise that come together in the products of our region ready to reach your homes in just one click, directly from our producers … because without the right ingredients the result is not the same!

A countdown to guide you virtually but enjoyably into the year’s most magical atmosphere: 24 doors featuring a snow-clad Trentino and revealing just as many recipes.

Each day a new discovery that will keep us company at a time when making something good, pretty and hand-made can give us that joy that this time of the year urges us to seek. And that, once again, you will find in Trentino.

Are you ready to open each door together with us?


The Advent Calendar has been created together with La Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti (The Road of Trentino Cheeses), La strada della Mela e dei Sapori delle Valli di Non e di Sole (The Road of Apples and Flavours of the Non and Sole Valleys) and La strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino (The Road of Wine and Flavours of Trentino) and Visittrentino

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