Historic Orchard


Historic Orchard of Cles

A special orchard where almost 100 ancient varieties of apples and pears are grown!

The cultivation of apple trees in Val di Non has been practiced for several centuries. In order to enhance this rich and important agricoltural but also cultural heritage, the Municipality of Cles has given a piece of land in the area of Bersaglio to create a historic orchard.

Currently there are about 80 ancient varieties of apples and 12 pears.

The orchard can host educational initiatives for children and schools, but also for elderly people who can tell important stories from their past.

The historic orchard is freely accessible.

If you want to learn other curiosities about the historic orchard and deepen your knowledge of the varieties of plants that live there, contact us!

For information, guided tours and educational initiatives:

Apt Val di Non: +39 0463 830133 - info@visitvaldinon.it

or in Cles you can contact the information office of Pro Loco Cles in Corso Dante, 30 (+39 0463 422883 - info@prolococles.it)

Discover all the initiatives related to the world of the apple on the website www.stradadellamela.it or find out the one-day itinerary dedicated to the apples!


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