A typically Bavarian sausage but entirely local

When  Fleischkäse becomes local

For some time now the Bonelli butchery of Siror produces a typically Bavarian sausage, the Fleischkäse.

It consists in a kind of meat loaf featuring spices similar to those in frankfurters but the meat, once minced, is cooked in the oven.

The ingredients are:

Trentino pork, spices (including marjoram and paprika) and cheese, in this case Primiero Fresco from the Primiero dairy.

How to eat it:

It is at its best served hot, grilled on the hot plate and placed in a sandwich seasoned with mustard and a few gürken (baby pickles), or even better with a local beer such as Alta Vienna hand-made by the BirrificioBionoc' brewers.


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