Lardo alle Erbe

Lard with Primiero herbs and flowers

The simplicity of a unique flavour

Thanks to the fragrances and flavours of Primiero mountain herbs and flowers grown on the farm Azienda Agricola Erborì, the Bonelli butchery produces a cured lard that exalts even the simplest of recipes.

Coming only from pigs grown in Trentino, the lard is separated from the rind, salted, spiced and flavoured with a selection of herbs and flowers produced by Erborì, including thyme, savory and calendula. After spending two months in the company of this fragrant curing mixture, the lard is ready.

Excellent on simple hot bread slices or in hors d’oeuvres, or accompanied with High Altitude Millefiori honey, the mountain herbs and flowers lard will give an extra touch to even the most classical of dishes, such as a roast.



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