Azienda Agricola Al Doss da Lecc

Azienda Agricola Al Doss da Lecc

Wild apple vinagre


Aromatic salt

Vegetables preserved in oil and vinagre

Juices and syrups

Goat cheese

Small farm of high mountain, located in the middle of nature in Vermiglio in Val di Sole, near Presanella Mountain and under the Tonale Pass. Plants harvest, scrupulously by hand, takes place directly in the woods, away from roads and inhabited areas, in uncontaminated places.
The various "Fairy drinks" are syrups made from wild herbs and officinal plants grown in domestic gardens without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The preparation of our "cooked" products takes place exclusively on wood-burning fire. The products are transformed in the small workshop of the farm. The packaging is done exclusively by hand.  The possible formation of deposits or sediments is due to a natural process that occurs because of lack of preservatives and non-sterilization. 


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