Azienda Agricola Fratta Cucola

Azienda Agricola Fratta Cucola



Milk products made with cow milk

Azienda Agricola Fratta Cucola

The farm was born from the lifestyle choice of a young couple, Erika and Fabrizio: following their dream to live in contact with nature and after several summer seasons spent working on mountain pastures, they decided to start a concrete experience: raising few cows and producing cheese with their milk according to precise quality criteria, guided by their own passion and imagination.

The farm is located in two areas of Cles: in one of the oldest districts, Spinazeda, there is the mini-cheesefactory, set in an ancient unitary Italic house; the breeding, consisting of brown and gray alpine cows, is located above the village of Caltron, in the heart of the Vergondola wood, in a small hamlet called "Cùcola" (<COCULA = pebble, stony hill).

During the summer the couple moves to the mountain pasture, the first real passion of the young couple, where the well-being of the animal, the quality of the products and the maintenance of the landscape become absolute priorities.


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