Azienda Agricola Gino Pedrotti

Azienda Agricola Gino Pedrotti

Wines, including:

white wines: Nosiola, Chardonnay, L'Aura

red wines: Merlot, Rebo, L'Auro, Schiava Nera

special wines: Vino Santo


Vine, Wine and Life: the 3 elements that always lived in close symbiosis in the Pedrotti family. Inveterate vine-growers, they chose to define the rhythms of life respecting and following the needs of vines and wines.
Wines with a soul, that tell of our family and of our land. Products that can be enjoyed in the shop not too far from Lake Cavedine, where hospitality is as warm as it would in a family.

For this reason, the Pedrotti family carefully cares for every single bunch of grapes, with vinification being carried our scrupulously: at the time of tasting, it is essential that everyone thoroughly treasures the poetry of the senses; sipping wine must be awake forgotten sensations.

Guided tours by reservation only.


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