Azienda Agricola Giove

Azienda Agricola Giove

Natural products, including products with sea buckthorn and black chokeberry, mint and melissa syrup, natural cosmetics, ointments, herbal teas and aromatic salts, medicinal liqueurs

The name of the company, GioVe (Jupiter) brings to mind the fifth (V) planet of the solar system, symbol of prosperity and good fortune, or the God of all gods, expression of maximum power. In reality, it comes from the merging of Giorgia and Veronica, daughters of Luca Pojer, the farm’s owner.

The Company is born out of the desire to undertake a life journey tied to nature; for this reason, in addition to the cultivation of the most common medicinal herbs (mint, melissa, calendula, cornflower, monarda, sage, thyme, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, etc.), it chose to cultivate particular plants like sea buckthorn and chokeberry.

The harvesting of spontaneous herbs allows us reclaiming the value of nature, reminding us that our crops only came after our ancestors, a long time ago, collected what the land yielded, thus avoiding damaging biodiversity that is so crucial for our planet.

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