Azienda Agricola Troticoltura Armanini

Azienda Agricola Troticoltura Armanini

Fresh, marinated and smoked trout and char, trout speck, eggs, cured fish roe, and fish stuffed fresh pasta

Since 1963, the Armanini family has been bringing to the table the freshness of mountain fish. It raises, processes and sells the best specimens of Alpine trout and char, as well as lake and freshwater fish directly to its own locations in Storo, Biacesa di Ledro and Linfano di Arco.

Pure spring water, rigid feeding protocols, respect for the normal life cycle of fish are indispensable for a genuine and natural product.

50 years of artisanal experience: a family know-how that has become tradition.

Guided tours by reservation, only for groups.


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