Fruit and preserves:
extra organic jams of strawberry, blueberry, apricot, raspberry, blackberry, berries,
organic apple and cinnamon jam, apple and raspberry with vanilla, apple with elderflower, apple with ginger, apple and pear, apple with raisins and rum,
organic compotes of blueberry, berries, blackberry, apricot, strawberry, apple, pear and cinnamon,
organic compotes of red onion, candied apples and oranges,
organic juices of apple, elderberry, blueberry, pear, apple

Vegetable and preserves:
natural organic sauerkraut, red organic sauerkraut,
organic tomato puree, La Saporita Bio, ready-made organic tomato sauce and peppers,
organic creams of red onion, leek, radicchio, pepper, zucchini with rosemary, aubergines,
Bio bittersweet mix of vegetables, red beets,
organic celeriac pickles

Biodebiasi is a young organic family farm located in Patone d'Isera. It grows apple trees, berries and vegetables.

In parallel to the cultivation activity, Biodebiasi has an artisan workshop for the production and packaging of quality products, made from the farm's own materials. All the products are characterised by a high level of genuineness and are obtained with respect for tradition and the environment.

It is possible to visit the farm to buy and taste the products at the new farm shop.

Guided tours and tasting
by reservation

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