Borgo dei Posseri

Borgo dei Posseri

Wines, including:

white wines: "Quaron" Müller Thurgau, "Furiel" Sauvignon, "Arliz" Gewürztraminer, "Malusel" Cuvèe bianco

red wines: "Paradis" Pinot Nero, "Rocol" Merlot

spumante: "Tananai" Trentodoc 

Enjoying wines that try to tell a story. Good not only to drink, but also to rejoice.

The wines of Borgo dei Posseri farm are produced in accordance with Trentino tradition, though reinterpreted so that the cultivation becomes an element of strong stylistic characterisation. Recover the past to make it an integral part of tomorrow. Vineyards are cared for respecting Mother Earth.


Can there be something more exciting than sipping wine surrounded by the glade that witnesses its birth? Borgo dei Posseri offers you a goblet and a map to follow a path that, through 4 islands, lets you discover the company wines by sipping them directly in the vineyard.

Opening hours
from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

by reservation only

15,00 Euro

Tours also available in English


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