Brewery Birrafon

Brewery Birrafon

  • Via Mazzini 20/A (sede produttiva e degustazioni)
    38013 Fondo - Borgo d'Anaunia (TN)

    Bar Croce Bianca (locale mescita)
    via Vigilio Inama 5
    38013 Fondo - Borgo d'Anaunia (TN)

  • Mobile +39 3494372943
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Craft beer

The Birrafon project hinges on two fundamental elements: the research and use of high-quality raw materials and the unconditional passion of Alberto, Alessandro, Daniele, Giordano and Marco for beer. 

The search for high-quality malt and hops is the basis of the project, just like the use of water from the natural sources of Upper Val di Non. 


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