Butcher's shop Malench Luca

Butcher's shop Malench Luca

  • Piazza San Vittore, 19

    38012 Taio di Predaia (TN)

  • Tel. +39 0463 468194 - Fax +39 0463 468194
  • lucamalench@yahoo.it


Cured meat

Malench butcher shop, which boasts over four generations of butchers, livestock farmers and traders, stands out for its quality: local and Italian cattle. Our cold cut production, both local and national, includes: fresh and seasoned lucaniche sausages, sausages, cotechino (stuffed pig’s trotter), fresh and smoked mortandela, speck, bacon, coppa (pork collar) and brusti (typical blood sausages produced in winter)



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