Gelateria Peterle

Gelateria Peterle

Ice cream and frozen desserts, including ice cream products with high quality fresh milk, cream and yogurt from Trentino and frozen yogurt


Gelateria Peterle produces and sells high quality ice cream.

Born in 2007 from the passion of its owners, it comprises today 4 outlets: in addition to the new Frozen Yogurt Peterle on Via S.Vigilio and the kiosk-ice-cream shop in Piazzetta Lainez (behind the Church of Santa Maria), there is also the store in Povo, in Piazza Manci, and in Gardolo, in Via IV Novembre, which features a production facility and parlour proper. 

Our motto “Alpine quality in all its goodness” is born from the will to support the local economy, supporting the producers of the province, and offering a healthy product, able to rediscover authentic mountain flavours.

Ice creams, parfaits and Italian ice are prepared daily using local raw ingredients, such as homogenised whole fresh milk, cream, yoghurt and fruit of Trentino South Tyrol, all natural products that are part of a short production and distribution chain.

Opening period:
from 1st of March to 15th of October 

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday,
from 11.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.



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