La Casa di Marzapane

La Casa di Marzapane

  • Via Nazionale, 33/A - 38025 Pellizzano (TN)

    Piazzetta 1° Maggio - 38023 Cles (TN)

  • Tel. +39 0463723610
  • Mobile +39 3791263391


Ice Cream



La Casa di Marzapane is a family-run company that currently has two production and sales points, one in Florence since 2005 and one in Pellizzano since 2016.

The owner Antonino Cafarelli counts multiple collaborative teaching experiences all over the world that have led him to have a strong tendency to gastronomic curiosity, passing it on to his grandchildren and his daughter.

Research, passion, desire for territory, quality of the ingredients... these are the prerogatives of the company.

Various prizes relating to the production of ice cream have been recognized in various international events. Cafarelli has also created a line of ice creams for BOFROST, of which it is the testimonial throughout Europe.

The particular union between different territories such as Sicily, Tuscany and Trentino lead us to create products with ingredients from each of these regions.


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