La Vaca negra - Masch Aloch

Cattle breeding and production of meat

La Vaca negra - Masch Aloch

Prodotto Senza Glutine

La Vaca negra - Masch Aloch produce Carni e salumi, Lucanica del Trentino, Speck con marchio Senza Glutine

La Vaca Negra produces beef and pork meat and cold cuts with Gluten-free labels.

La Vaca Negra is an exclusive brand of high-quality, limited production meat; all of our products are gluten- and lactose-free.
Bullocks and calves are bred in our farm and spend the summer months on the high mountain pastures of the Dolomites that yield high-quality and tasty meats.
At our store you will find fresh meats, cold cuts, and processed products ready to be enjoyed.

Sale of products made in-house and possibility to taste on-site
Guided tours, upon reservation
Period of operation: all year round
Business hours: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm / 2.30 pm - 7.30 pm
Closed on: Tuesdays and Mondays
Languages spoken: English


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