Latte Trento

Latte Trento

Milk, cheeses, products including fresh and UHT milk, UHT lactose free milk, cream, yogurt, Cheese DOP (Spressa delle Giudicarie DOP; Asiago Pressato DOP; Trentingrana DOP), hard cheese (Alpinella del Trentino; Rendena; Brenta Pinzolo; Marcion de Pinzol), semi-hard cheese (Fontal del Trentino crosta rossa; Trento nostrano del Trentino; Occhiato; Adamello; Rettangolare Fiavè; Sguinz), fresh cheese (La boscatella del Trentino; Fresco Vivo; Tosella; Golosella), high digeribility cheese (lactose free cheese), cheese with goat's milk (Fiocco di capra; Caprino rustic)

The structure is used for the daily collection of raw milk coming directly from the stables of the cooperative’s members located across Trentino; the milk undergoes a process of pasteurisation or sterilisation and is packaged and then distributed daily to the customers.

Cream and yogurt are also obtained from milk processing.

A piece of curiosity:
This establishment is the feather on our cap. It was born in 2006 and includes an educational trail where the youngest can discover the origins of their territory.

AQ QV fresh milk production
BIO milk production
UNI EN ISO 22000

Guided tours by reservation only,
from Monday to Friday


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