Macelleria Cis Massimo

Macelleria Cis Massimo

Meat and cold cuts including lucanica trentina, speck trentino, carne salada 

Macelleria Cis has almost 120 years of experience and know-how at the service of its customers. Today, Massimo has taken on his founders’ legacy and expanded the specialty of the deli store, where it is appreciated with awards, such as “Gambero Rosso”. It is a Slow Food preisidum in Trentino for luganega sausage, which was awarded many times by famous industry experts. It is considered one of the “masters” and one of the repositories of the secrets of carne salada, a typical cured meat of the Lower Sarca and Ledro.

Macelleria Cis proposes in its own shop cold cuts made in house: seasoned and/or smoked bacon, seasoned cold cuts, seasoned pork collar, aged loin, smoked ham, cured ham, Ciscotto ham, spiced pork sausage, and salted tongue.

In addition to traditional cuts, we offer ready-to-cook meals.

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturady
from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. 

Closed on Sunday


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