Naturgresta - Laboratorio prodotti officinali

Naturgresta - Laboratorio prodotti officinali

Prodotto Bio

Naturgresta - Laboratorio prodotti officinali produce Distillati, Piante officinali e cosmesi con marchio Bio

Organic herbs and plants, including food supplements and syrups, essences and fragrant waters, liquors and Amaro dei Fazzilisti, skin oils and ointments, balsamic honeys

Naturgresta’s workshop is located in Valle San Felice,

in the heart of Val di Gresta, 600 metres above sea level. Surrounded by

nature, the building is made up of sustainable and energy-saving



We started our business in 2010 with the objective of

reconnecting people with nature through our local products. The fields, where

our organic herbs are cultivated, have been certified by ICEA (Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambiente). The land is divided into small terraced plots located

near the workshop where we carry out our whole operation from sewing the land,

to harvesting flowers and transforming the plants. We use our own original

methods with personal care and qualification.


Our farm is responsible for the organic cultivation of

our herbs, which is helped by the particular climate offered by Val di Gresta.

We produce homemade tinctures, food supplements, skin oils and ointments,

syrups, essences, fragrant waters, balsamic honeys and various liqueurs. We

guarantee that our products are of the highest natural quality through our

meticulous supervision of the whole process.


Our products represent the outcome of our efforts

which continue to inspire our research. Every day we invest our time and care

for further research and innovations, with the aim to offer you sure and effective

products that favour the natural balance of your body.   

Guided tours by reservation only during weekend 

Spoken languages:
English and German


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