Nerobrigante - Birrificio Artigianale del Trentino

Nerobrigante - Birrificio Artigianale del Trentino

Craft beers, including:

La18 (pils), Fra Diavolo (vienna), Zio Ulrich (weizen)

Passion, research, study, visits, tasting sessions, malt selections, search for hops, comparison of yeasts, water and mountain air ... these are the real ingredients of the artisan beer of Trentino produced by  NEROBRIGANTE.

A farmstead, a legend, NEROBRIGANTE cleverly combines raw ingredients, transforming the energy they have accumulated in nature.

Sun's energy to grow barley and hops, water’s energy to make flow from its spring and air’s and earth's energy to give birth to organisms, create a beer of character and unique taste.

Opening hours
Saturday: from 8.30 a.m. to 12 a.m.


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