Trota Oro

Trota Oro

Seafood products like trout or Alpin char (fresh: whole or gutted or filleted; smoked, marinated or processed into breaded fillets)

Founded by Vittorio and Lucia Leonardi, Trota Oro started its business in 1988 with the production of smoked trout according to a traditional recipe which has been prepared to obtain a product with unique, specific features, and at the same time, good preservation. Subsequently, the company has expanded the range of products processed: Fresh Trout Fillet, Trout Pickled in Aromatic Vinegar, Fresh Alpine Char Fillet, Smoked Alpine Char, Marinated Alpine Char, Trout Eggs and Roe, Trout Tartare, Fresh and Smoked Whitefish, and Grayling.

The company, at all stages of fish processing, always maintains and follows the classic artisan method, without ever using chemical dyes and preservatives, and always starting from high-quality raw ingredients.

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