Bread with natural yeast and stone ground flours



    300 g (2 cups) durum wheat semolina "Tumminia"; 150 g (1 cup) common wheat  flour "type 1"*; 300 g (2 cups) lukewarm water; 150 g (1 cup) natural yeast (cream); 10 g Cervia salt
    *serves to obtain a lighter bread. For a more tasty bread, but having a less fine grain,  replace the common flour with durum wheat flour.  

Hand mix all the ingredients: for a few minutes without worrying about obtaining a smooth dough. Wait 20 minutes, fold a few times and wait another 20 minutes. And repeat. Shape delicately and put it in a bread basket covered with a lightly floured kitchen towel. 

Bake after 3-4 hours of rising at about 220°C for 60 minutes. 



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