Creamy risotto with Nostrano cheese and Golden Delicious apples

First courses


    Ingredients for 5 people:
    Riso vialone nano g 300
    Vegetable broth  lt 1.5
    Chardonnay wine dl 1
    Nostrano cheese  g 100
    Fresh cream g 25
    Butter g 30
    “Trentingrana” cheese  g 30


Toast the rice in a saucepan, stir in wine and let evaporate, stir in boiling broth and simmer for 15 min., adding more broth as necessary.

Stir in the butter, the Revò Nostrano cheese, the cream, season to taste; the final dish is creamy but dense enough to eat with a fork.

Slice the apples thinly and sauté with melted butter, stir in balsamic vinegar, plate the risotto, cover with the apples and sprinkle with petals of “Trentingrana” cheese. 


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