Fresh pasta crescents with local Nostrano cheese fondue

First courses


    Ingredients for 5 people:
    Homemade pasta:
    White 00 flour g 300
    Eggs: 3
    Salt g 10
    Extra virgin olive oil g 15
    Nostrano cheese g 250
    Milk g 150
    Trentingrana cheese g 5


Put theflourontoa flatsurface, makeawellandaddthe eggs,oil and salt, blend with a fork until all the flour is well mixed in. Knead with your hands until smooth and let rest for 20 min. 

Bring the milk to a boil, remove from heat and add diced Nostrano cheese, melt by bain-marie method, add grated Trentingrana cheese, the chopped wild spinach and finally the egg yolk, season to taste.

Roll out the pasta to ½ mm thickness, use a round cutter to cut discs of pasta, fill with cheese fondue, fold over to from crescents and boil in salted water. 

In a skillet large enough to accommodate the pasta, sauté the diced tomatoes briefly in olive oil, salt and pepper, finally add the chopped basil leaves and blend in the drained pasta crescents

Recipe by  Associazione Cuochi del Trentino


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