Gluten-free Canederli (bread dumplings)

First courses


    350 g fresh gluten-free bread
    100 g mortadella from Macelleria Bonelli
    100 g Speck from Macelleria Bonelli
    1 fresh Lucanica sausage from Macelleria Bonelli
    Half onion
    3 eggs
    200 ml warm milk 
    50-70 g gluten-free flour 
    Parsley to taste
    Salt to taste

Dice bread, mortadella and speck. Sauté the sausage with chopped onion in a skillet. 

Mix all in a bowl, add the milk and beaten eggs with a pinch of salt and parsley to taste. Mix well and add flour to the right consistency to make balls having a diameter of 4-5 cm. Boil in abundant salted water or broth until the canederli come to the surface. 

You can enjoy this dish at the restaurant pizzeria ‘SassMaor’


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