Schlutzkrapfen with Buon Enrico grass

First courses


    150 g rye flour
    100 g flour 00
    1 egg
    50/60 g tepid water
    250 g butter
    200 g ricotta di malga
    200 g of “Buon Enrico” herb
    1 onion
    100 g Trentingrana
    5 chestnuts from Drena
    1 tablespoon of Garda extra virgin olive oil
    Oak wood shavings
    Juniper berries

For the dough:
At the first, mix the rye flour, 00 flour, egg, tepid water and Garda oil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Cover with foil and put aside.

For the smoked butter:
Inside a saucepan, with the help of a cooking torch, ignite the oak wood shavings for a few minutes. Above, at a distance of about 10cm, put the butter by placing it on a steel sieve. Cover the saucepan and let it smoke for about 15 minutes. Keep the butter aside
For the filling:
Clean the grass Buon Enrico and keep only the leaves. Blanch the leaves in abundant salted water for a few minutes, drain and cool in water and ice for a few minutes. In a pan, gently brown a clove of garlic with chopped onion, olive oil and Buon Enrico herb. Cook for a few minutes, chop coarsely and add to the ricotta di malga and the Trentingrana. Season with salt

Cooking process:
Roll out the dough with the help of a rolling pin and form half-moons by filling them with lip.
Cook in abundant salted water for a few minutes. Separately in a pan toast a few juniper berries with the pulp of chestnuts previously cooked in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees and then shelled.
Melt the smoked butter, add the Schlutzkrapfen and a little cooking water to make them creamy.

Serve with a sprinkling of Trentingrana and chives

This recipe was designed and prepared by Sebastian Sartorelli, chef of Hosteria Toblino


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