Smoking hot polenta from Val di Sole with Casolét cheese and Mortandela

First courses

    1 l water
    200 g cornmeal flour from the Val di Sole 
    50 g Casolét cheese
    Vino Groppello di Revò
    Smoked “Mortandela” (cured meat) from the Val di Non 
    Mountain dairy butter


Bring the salted water to a boil, add the cornmeal flour gradually, whisking constantly. Cook for about 40 minutes and then add the Casolét cheese.

Put a few slices of Mortandela in a hot skillet and brown well on both sides, “flame” with Groppello di Revò. Finish with a pat of butter. 

Pour the polenta on the serving plate and complete with the flamed Mortandela, top with the pan drippings.



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