Alpine char fillet tartare with grape-seed bread croutons and DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil butter.

Main courses and side dishes


    Ingredients for 4 people :

    200 g fillet of char raised 
    4 slices of naturally leavened grape-seed bread 
    100 g cooked red turnips
    50 g white bread
    20 g  extra virgin olive oil of DOP Garda Trentino 
    10 g sherry vinegar, mixed seasonal greens
    1 Granny Smith apple
    lemon rind

    For the oil butter:
    150 g DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, 
    25 g Mycryo

    For the oil gelatin:
    200 g water, 
    8 g Iotus, 
    2 g  Sucro, 
    3 g Maldon salt, 
    250 g DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, 
    3 g Glice

    For the oil and milk emulsion:
    150 g fresh  milk, 
    50 g DOP Garda Trentinoextra virgin olive oil


Oil gelatin:
Blend water with salt and gelatin, add the sucro and emulsion with a hand mixer. Bring the oil up to 40°C and add the Glice, let melt, then trickle into the water compound with the hand mixer until it is mayonnaise consistency. Salt and pepper to taste and pour into the bowls that have been arranged on a platter ready to go into the refrigerator.

Oil butter:
Take a 10th part of oil, add the cocoa butter and heat up to 50°C, when the cocoa butter has melted, add the remainder of the oil and put in the refrigerator, stirring every once in a while until it has set. 
In the meantime toast the slices of bread.
Process the turnips with the bread and oil until it becomes a mousse. 
Cut the fillet (previously taken to a temperature of 30°C) in small cubes, season with salt, pepper and a little grated Garda lemon rind.
Heat the milk with the oil up to 50°C and blend.

Place the tartare on the gelatin accompanying with  fresh salad greens, the turnip mousse, a slice of apple, the finely chopped olives and the oil and milk emulsion;
Accompany with grape-seed bread croutons and olive oil butter.

Brief accompanying note:

The delicate, savory pulp of the char is exalted by the elegant, sharp nature of the extra virgin DOP of Alto Garda Trentino oil butter, in pleasant harmony with delicate aromatic/spicy notes, softened by a sweet Andalusian accent…

This recipe was created by the student chef Michele Ferrari and his tutor prof. Ciro Raso of the CFP Alberghiero in Riva del Garda and was presented at the National Competition "Assaggi di Fine Anno" organized by UNAPROL and Pandolea at the headquarters of the Gambero Rosso in Roma.


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