Polenta and Tosèla cheese

Main courses and side dishes


    Ingredients for 4 people
    600 g  Tosèla cheese
    100 g butter
    “Spin” maize polenta from Valsugana
    possible  side dish of hot plate cooked Lucanica sausage and/or mushrooms
    For complete success of this recipe the Tosèla cheese must be fresh, not over 24 hours old.

Cut the Tosèla cheese into rectangles, one centimeter thick (the traditional recipes refers to a one finger thickness) so that it doesn’t fall to pieces and can absorb the right amount of heat even in the center for uniform cooking.

Salt the cheese rectangles, sauté in melted butter on low heat  for about 10-15 minutes, in a heavy skillet with a lid, turning several times. When the cheese is golden coloured, serve with hot, toasted polenta.  

Best served with finferli mushrooms or hot plate cooked sausage.




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