360 g cold-smoked trout
    650 g Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil DOP
    120 g Torbole broccoli cream
    30 g naturally leavened bread with grape seeds
    30 g ‘Spin’ corn flour from Valsugana
    50 g Zambana asparagus cream without vinegar
    30 g Vezzena di Lavarone, aged 17 months
    20 g Red Delicious apple
    15 g organic marinated cornels
    1.3 g calcium lactate gluconate
    2.5 g sodium alginate


Phase 1

In a pan, bring 100 g of salted water to a boil, add 30 g of corn flour and cook as you would normal polenta. Once cooked, cream in the pan with Garda Trentino DOP evo oil and pour onto a silpat to a thickness of 1.5 mm; dry in the oven at 62°C for 12 hours to extract humidity.

Phase 2

In the bowl of a food processor, weigh out 500 g of water and add 2.5 g of sodium alginate, mix at maximum speed and place in fridge to rest.

Remove the skin of the trout and from the thicker part of the filet cut out 3 portion cubes 3 cm long per side. To serve 4, weigh out 450 g of olive oil inside a vacuum cooking bag, insert the cubes and seal the bag (approx. 400 g of trout filet cubes) then cook in the Roner cooker at 46°C for 30 minutes.

In a small pan, bring 300 g of DOP evo oil to 175°C and then fry the polenta (to obtain a ‘soufflé’ effect). Heat the Vezzena to 75°C to obtain a stringy mass separated from the whey. From the mass make small balls weighing about 7 g each, insert them in a ‘half ball’ silicone mould and ‘soufflé’ in the microwave for 30 seconds.

In a mixer, blend 100 g of Zambana asparagus cream with 2.5 g of calcium lactate gluconate, mix at maximum speed and place in fridge to rest.

Cut the bread to 3 mm thick slices and cut out discs using a 2 cm ring, toast at 220°C for a few minutes.

Cut the Red Delicious apple into 3 cm squares 3 mm thick.

Phase 3

With a spoon, spherify the asparagus cream inside the alginate bath, then wash and dry the spheres.

On a rectangular plate, paint a path with the broccoli cream and place the 3 carefully drip-dried trout cubes on it.

On the first cube place the bread crouton and the asparagus spheres;

On the second cube place the souffléd polenta and a drip-dried cornel;

On the third cube place the sphere of souffléd Vezzena and at the end of the path place the apple petal.

Serve warm.

Short accompanying description:

The confit

The oil is not visible on the plate but in the main entrée.

The main ingredient, as well as the trout with its light scent of smoke, meets the Garda extra virgin olive oil DOP via the confit cooking method.

The dish is enjoyed as if it were a reading, from left to right, as the senses meet and appreciate the typical products of Trentino, attempting to match them and revisit them with harmony, in their various consistencies (crisp, soft, creamy) and discovering their best in all of their sensorial aspects.

The recipe was presented on the occasion of the "Chefs without frontiers" contest by Samuele Bebber of IFPA (Vocational Institute for Hotel Management) of Rovereto



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