Glasses of goat's cheese mousse and Trentodoc accompanied byTrentingrana and Trentodoc biscuits



    Glasses of goat’s cheese mousse and Trentodoc:

    250 g goat’s milk cheese (approx. 40 g per person of ricotta),
    150 g goat’s milk cheese,
    1 pear,

    Trentingrana and Trentodoc biscuits:

    40 g cold butter,
    40 g grated Trentingrana cheese,
    40 g hazelnut flour,
    80 g white flour,
    Trentodoc to taste
    salt to taste.

In the food processor, blend the cold butter, the flour, the Grana cheese, the salt and hazelnut flour. Then transfer to a bowl and add enough very cold Trentodoc to bind the mixture and obtain a soft ball. Leave the mixture in the fridge and then crumble it onto a pan lined with baking paper and cook in the oven at 180°C for about 25 minutes.
Cut up the pear and cook it for 5 minutes with 2 spoonfuls of Trentodoc; mix the ricotta with half a glass of Trentodoc, cut the goat’s milk cheese into cubes and fill the glasses in the following sequence: 
First the pear bits then the goat’s milk cheese mousse and then the goat’s milk cheese cubes. Top off with a few Trentingrana and Trentodoc biscuits.

Recipe presented on the occasion of the Festival del Vino Trentino (Trentino Wine Festival) by chef Franca Merz of the Locanda 2 Camini.


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