Potato, apple and smoked trout composition



    500 g white potatoes
    150 g Red Delicious apples
    150 g smoked trout
    200 g Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    30 g 00 type flour
    20 g trout eggs
    500 g milk
    100 g Vezzena cheese
    150 g vegetable broth
    2 carrots
    1 celery stalk
    1 onion
    1 tomato
    2 sheets of fish glue
    30 g Carne Salada
    50 g Trentingrana cheesefresh

Potato, apple and smoked trout composition on a fondue of Vezzena di Lavarone cheese with Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil mousse and Carne Salada wafer


Garda extra virgin olive oil mousse: 
Prepare the broth by putting to boil the carrot, celery, toasted onion and the tomato with a cross cut in the top for about 15 minutes, adjust with salt and then filter it; after having placed the fish glue in water squeeze it out well and add it to the broth together with the Garda evo oil. Put the broth in a siphon and charge it, then place the siphon on its side in the fridge.

Potato-apple-trout composition
Peel the potatoes and cut them brunoise style; sauté them in a non-stick skillet in a little Garda evo oil and half-way through add the apples cut into small cubes; cook for one minute, set aside to cool and then add the trout also cut up brunoise style.

Vezzena di Lavarone fondue:
Prepare a roux sauce with 25 g of Garda evo oil and 30 g of flour, add the milk, a pinch of salt and finally the cheese cut up into small pieces, and cook for 5 minutes; keep warm by bain mairie (if the sauce seems too dry when serving time comes, add a little milk).

Carne Salada wafer:
Grate 50 g of Trentingrana cheese and add 30 g of Carne Salada cut into small pieces; grease an oven pan and using a food moulding ring create wafers that will be baked at 180°C for about 5 minutes.

Composition of the plate:
Using a 4 cm diameter food moulding ring, at the centre of the serving dish place the potato-apple-trout composition. Without removing the ring, arrange the fondue around it then remove the ring. Place the Carne Salada wafer at the centre, and finish off with small pieces of trout on the fondue. Right before serving, season with the Garda evo oil mousse and decorate with a small sprig of thyme.

Short description:

The aim of the dish is to enhance the local products through the combination of different consistencies: the crispness of the Red Delicious apple, of the white potatoes and of the Trentingrana wafer, the creaminess of the fondue, and the softness of the Garda evo oil mousse that ties together and accompanies all of the flavours present in the recipe.
During the recipe’s design phase, the trout was cold-smoked using beech wood according to a long procedure that exalts the naturalness of the raw materials used.

The recipe was presented and prepared by Simone Taddei of ENAIP, Ossana



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