Small filet of trout marinated in Nosiola wine with aromatic herbs on a toasted slice of bread of Valle dei Laghi ‘0 miles’ Ingredients



    1100 g trout filet
    200 g carrot
    200 g celeriac
    200 g zucchini
    750 ml apple vinegar
    250 ml Nosiola wine
    75 g cane sugar
    35 g table salt
    Assorted aromatic herbs, to taste
    Nosiola wine, to be evaporated
    2 Valle dei Laghi breads


Marinate the trout filets for 12 hours, then remove them and brown in DOP Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil. Add the wine and let it evaporate completely. Set aside to cool. 

Toast the bread slices, cover with the trout and the julienne of vegetables, garnish with the raw vegetables and decoration.

Brief Description

The three elements of Valle dei Laghi meet in this recipe to make a delicate but consistent dish. Water, soil and wine are represented by three noble ambassadors: the trout grown along the Sarca River, the cereals of Valle dei Laghi and out Nosiola wine.

Equally noble are the other ingredients, all of which as ‘0 miles’ as possible, such as the aromatic herbs, the Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil DOP, and the balsamic vinegar produced in upper Garda.

Recipe presented on the occasion of the ‘Chef on the Road’ contest held during the Trentino Wine Festival by chef Guido Bosinelli of the restaurant ‘Hosteria Toblino’


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