Smoked trout and Granny Smith apple mousse with bread crouton and butter made with extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino



    70 g smoked trout
    70 g Granny Smith apples
    50 ml fresh cream
    4 slices of natural leavening grape-seed bread
    125 g extra virgin olive oil 
    6 g cacao butter
    Mixed seasonal greens salad
    Shelled walnuts



  • Wash and dice apples without peeling
  • put in a bowl, cover and microwave for about 2 minutes
  • put through a sieve. 
  • Remove skin and fishbones from the trout and put through the cutter, gradually add the cooled apple purée and the cream
  • Take a tenth part of the oil, add the cacao butter and bring up to 50°C
  • when it is melted add the rest of the oil and put in the refrigerator until it sets
  • in the meantime toast the bread croutons.  



  • Place the mousse in the center of the plate and serve with the crouton spread with oil butter
  • garnish with seasonal greens salad with walnuts and olive powder.

Brief description:   

The composition of the mousse exalts the flavour of the trout with a light smoky aroma balanced by the apple purée. 

The flavor is further enhanced by the delicate, fragrant oil butter made from extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino spread lightly on a naturally-leavened grape-seed crouton.  

This preparation is served with a seasonal greens salad flavoured with Casaliva olive powder

This recipe was proposed in occasion of the "Chefs without frontiers" contest by Michele Ferrari of the “IFPA” (Vocational Institute for Hotel Management) of Riva del Garda.


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