Potato fingers with char and dandelion



    Potato fingers with char and dandelion
    300 g raw potatoes
    300 g boiled potatoes
    300 g smoked char
    100 g dogtooth (dandelion or other bitter herb)
    extra virgin olive oil

Pass the boiled potatoes through a sieve and season them with salt, pepper and oil.

Peel the raw potatoes and cut them into thin slices, place them onto a sheet of cling film, slightly overlapping, so as to form a 15 x 5 cm rectangle.

Spread the cooked potato mixture over the raw potato slices, place at the centre the smoked char cut into strips and roll the composition into a cylinder, making sure there is no air trapped inside and pressing energetically. Leave in the fridge for one hour until the rolls become firm.

Remove the cling film from the potato roll and brown it in a skillet with the oil; then cut the roll into round slices and serve it with the dandelion salad.

If no dandelion is available, use cress, that can be found in summer alongside the mountain streams in which the char lives.

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