A “crazy” strudel



    For the crazy batter: 125 g  flour, 20 ml seed oil, 75 g lukewarm  water, a  pinch of salt
    For the filling: 4 pippin or Golden Delicious apples, 5 crushed dry biscuits, 2 tablespoons sugar, raisins, walnuts

In a bowl, mix the flour with the water, being careful not to form lumps; add the oil so the dough will be elastic and a pinch of salt.  Slice the apples into thin slices and mix in the biscuit crumbs, sugar, raisins and walnuts. Roll out the dough, fill and close it,. Bake at 180°C for 20 minutes.


Did you know…... that in German the word strudel means vortex!

Strudels are very versatile sweets: they can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings, with seasonal fruit or vegetables.



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