Basini di Trento (Trento kisses)



    100 g peeled almonds
    125 g egg white
    300 g sugar
    50 g 00 flour
    a tablespoon of cinnamon
    a tablespoon of vanilla
    a tablespoon of coriander seeds
    chocolate glaze to taste

Finely grind almonds and coriander seeds. In a pan with a heavy, spherical bottom, mix sugar, and egg white and heat up to 40°C stirring constantly being careful that the egg white does not stick and burn. Remove from heat and continue beating until completely cooled. Add the ground almonds and coriander seeds, the sifted flour and spices. Mix slowly from bottom to top until completely blended. Push through a pastry bag having a smooth, 10 mm diameter tip onto greased and floured tins or tins lined with parchment paper . Bake 25 minutes at 170°C. When they are cool melt the chocolate over a bain-marie pan and join the two halves. 

Cooking time: 25 min. 170 °C

Recipe offered by Pasticceria Bertelli di Trento.



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